“Zeoane displayed great performance on set with professionalism and delivered well on what the role required. The director and crew were happy with her performance. I’m happy to have her on set!”

Joanne Zheng, Casting Director, Shooting Gallery, Starhub Cable TVC

Acting Experiences

TV & Online Media: 


Starhub Cable TV, 2013-2014: Main lead as “Mummy”

in commercial


Channel 8, 2014: Reporter, 《我们一定行》


Channel 5, 2014: A tired office executive, Janine in Season 2 “Code of law”


Toggle, 2013: A sexually demanding girlfriend, Emily in “Drive me crazy”


Channel 5, 2013: An anxious Mrs Teo, in “Unnatural”


Channel 5, 2013: A caring medical social worker, in “Cradle of Life”


Channel U, 2012: A  chatty Mahjong Aunty, in “Show Hand” 《注定》with Jesseca Liu and Christopher Lee.


Viral video, 2011: “Kopi-soh”  in dialect for Summon Aunty Application 


Channel 5, 2011: An exaggerated housewife on Channel 5 promotion trailer on Million Dollar Money Drop 




Ah Mei, daughter of Dementia Mother

(starring Cai Ping Kai aka Er-gu) to raise awareness on Dementia from Health Promotion Board, 2014


Mrs Tan to raise awareness on CHAS card (co-starring Cai Ping Kai aka Er-gu, Li Wenhai, Drake Lim, Rio Chan) from Health Promotion Board, 2013


Nonya, Racial Harmony Day from Resident committee show, 2012


Singaporean, International Friendship Day for primary and secondary school tour, 2011


Student, Dellogy for Dell corporate showcase, 2011


Zeoane’s lovely voice is an excellent choice of broadcast, TV, corporate videos and other voice-over projects. Her voice quality and good diction are top qualities for your next project. Hear some of Zeoane’s voice-over projects below. 


Rabbit Demo

Kid Demo


Tiger Airways 4th Anniversary 
radio advertisement campaign